Before the music stops, back it up

The greatest stereo in the world doesn’t sound like much if there is no music to play. Sure its got a great sound floor, but…. It also sucks to spend long weekends burning all your discs to a drive only to have a disc crash make you do it all over again. This is why you have to back up your data. If you have a copy of all your tunes to a physically separate storage medium you can always revive your library. Raising the dead can be good.

There are several paths to data security. The most common route is to back up your tunes to an external drive. This is ideal, but if you also need to store your music library on an external unit the associated wires for data and power could start getting scary. Data Robotics Inc. has a slick all-in-one answer: Drobo. Yes, I know I just said use a physically separate device, you don’t want to lose both data and backup in the same failure, and the Drobo meets that requirement. 

The Drobo is called a “data robot,” but it is more a really smart storage locker. This unit can hold up to four discrete internal drives. It does not come with the drives, unless you buy the top-of-the-line model, so you will have to shell out for them as well as the $499 for the Drobo itself. It can get expensive, but here is where it gets trick. You not only get storage, Drobo backs up all your information so that if one drives goes, all the data is recoverable from the remaining drives; storage and backup in one box – very nice. Terry White has a review of the unit on his blog that is worth reading. 

Keeping it safe and simple is a wonderful thing. Now, if they could only make it cheap.


One response to “Before the music stops, back it up

  1. I just ordered my Drobo for photography, music and video backup.

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