Wandering afield

This may be a blog about all things stereo and computer audio, but one of the great thing about blogs is that you can go where you like. This time we are turning the eye inward. Why do a blog at all? There are many engines to drive creativity: fame, passion or boredom, to name just a few. But how about the classic, money? I would have thought the two mutually exclusive; there over four million blogs on WordPress alone. I could be wrong.

There is an intriguing article in Slate about making money blogging. In it they talk about bloggers who make upwards of $200,000 per year. That is some serious cash for a couple of hundred words. Actually, there may be little writing at all. One site mentioned is dedicated to funny cat photos. The income is driven by advertising revenue, which is related to traffic. Here is where conflict can arise. Profitable sites need lots of traffic, which means lots of posts, which could mean sacrificing quality to quantity. Merlin Man of 43 Folders talks about the conflict and the article points out his own contradictions. The piece ends with the opinion that quality posts attract traffic yet it freely admits that gossip, photos and viral videos bring the most hits. Hmm…, how bad do we want to line our pockets?

I also stumbled across a blog listing the 10 easy steps to making money blogging. It hits some interesting points on mechanics and workflow, but as I read it I kept thinking about the old joke about how to get rich; write a book about how to get rich.


One response to “Wandering afield

  1. as I read it I kept thinking about the old joke about how to get rich; write a book about how to get rich.

    Not exactly. 🙂 Just like starting any other business, running an online information resource (a blog, an online magazine, etc.) is a lot of hard work – although it seems less like work since you’re doing something you love and are passionate about.

    And if you’ve ever started a successful business you know it can involved a lot more work than a “job”.

    If anyone tells you it’s quick easy money with no work, beware, it’s a scam.

    All that having been said, the opportunity is definitely there for someone serious enough to give it their all and pursue their passion – and put in all the hard work required. That’s what we do – it can definitely be done.

    Have an awesome day!

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