Taking it with you

So let’s postulate that you have reached audio nirvana. Your computer and audio gear are playing together so well you would swear the Boston Symphony Orchestra is holding its summer season on your desk. Great, but you going to leave the office sooner or later, at least I hope you will.

Taking it with you is easy, grab an iPod or MP3 player and hit the pavement. However, getting good mobile sound is not. Those little stock earbuds don’t do much for Tympani fans, and no one wants to walk around looking like a geek Princess Leah by sporting full sized headphones. Fortunately there are several manufactures willing to help, for a price.

Most earbuds, the headphones that go in the ear, are one size sort of fits all. A tight fitting headphone helps improve the bass. Denon make a soft, pliable earbud that seals the aural canal and improves the sound. Others manufactures like Klipsch offer several form factors that give you a decent chance of achieving a snug fit. They all work to varying degrees. They all also share one irritating similarity: wires.

If you have ever cut the grass will wearing earbuds, you know how irritating it is accidentally yanking them out of your head when the cable gets caught on a handle bolt. But have faith brethren, there are options. I am talking about Bluetooth headphones. Wireless music can be yours with these little marvels. They come in either in or on-the-ear configurations. This site gives a nice description of the technology though they do seem to be on a mission. The upside is no more reins attached to your head. The downside is that you may need an adaptor as not all players are Bluetooth capable. Even if the player is Bluetooth enabled, it may not be stereo. What’s up with that Apple? Finally, most of these guys may not sound as glorious as some of their wired high-end siblings. The last doesn’t make me happy, but, heretical as this may sound, sometimes I might trade a little audio quality for freedom. So sue me.


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