The death of vinyl records?

Your left hand holds a paperweight five-ounce iPod, your right is flattened under a stack of vinyl records taller than you. How to get the two together is a problem old-school music buffs are beginning to come to grips with. Cheer up audiophile Luddite; we are here to discuss just that. 

The world of digital music offers many advantages. You can access your tunes in seconds, anytime and anywhere. You can keep your music library in your computer, a media server, your phone and so many more. The downside is not everything you may desire is available from resources like iTunes and If you can’t find what you want, you have a few choices. 

You can venture away from the mainstream outlets. Some buffs are posting their music on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. Cliff Bolling has been digitizing old 78 rpm records for a decade. His website is now becoming a nexus for connoisseurs sleuthing for rare, old recordings. Bolling processes most of his music without digital enhancements so all the hiss and pops are still there. Some prefer this keepin’ it real approach. If that is not your thing, you can always digitize your own. We will take a look at that option next time.

Of course, some of us may still refuse to bid adieu to our old vinyl. There is the ongoing debate that LPs sound better than CDs, for all its imperfections. The argument is that vinyl records are recorded analog, and we listen to music in analog waves. All this digital manipulation is just mucking up the music. If you are true blue vinyl aficionado, take heart, you are not alone. Vinyl is making a comeback with major labels reporting a 30 percent growth in 2007. It seems rumors of its death may be greatly exaggerated.


2 responses to “The death of vinyl records?

  1. hey there, you audiophile —

    nice job on the blog.

    xoxox julie

  2. I’m so happy about the vinyl comeback. I’m a little too young to have seen records in their glory, and too old to fully embrace a purely digital library. A child of the CD I guess. A lot of the labels are now offering free digital downloads of the album with the purchase of the record. With that option, who needs CDs?

    PS – Great blog.

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